Date: 2009-10-01
Contact: OCACC Staff
Inside this issue:

1. Foreword by the President and Board Chair
2. Theresa Lee Presenting at DSCC in May
2. Una Tsou-Hunter receiving AACG award
2. Meet local candidates
3. Recognition of Asian Americans
3. Asian Americans in Ohio and Columbus - data
4. Kite-making event for COFCC
children; and Mid-Autumn Festival
5. OCACC Annual picnic
5. Member survey report
6. Famous Asian Americans
OCACC December 2008 Newsletter
Date: 2008-12-12
Contact: OCA Staff
Inside this issue:

1. Asian Americans on Obama’s Transition Team
2. Women’s Vote and Women’s Voices (WVWV)
3. Events of the OSU Institute for Chinese Studies
4. OSU and OCACC on WVWV
5. OCACC Annual Picnic
6. Treasurer’s Statement
7. WVWV Gathering
8. A Note from the OCACC BoardHelping the First-time Voters
9. Foreword by the President